This package is for the group who wants to add more adventure to their cooking experience.

Our guests will be divided into 2 teams and given a chef, budget and unique guidelines for their meal.

Each team will be responsible for shopping, prepping and cooking their own meal with their chef. Each chef assigned to each group drive their own vehicle, work alongside them to shop and lead them to their final cooking destination.

Your team will then cook and create a meal in the same kitchen with their own Silver Whisk chef. It will be a mystery where the other team shopped, what they’re making or the guidelines they’ve been given.

The event will close with both teams eating what they’ve prepared. Meals will be served family style, unless otherwise requested.


A standard 20% gratuity will be applied based off the rate per person. 

Venue/Set Up Fee

Varies on area of town, size of group, day and time are factors in pricing.

Rush Fee

This fee will be applied if any event is book with less than a 14 day notice. This fee is to ensure all food, items, staffing and miscellaneous charges are covered in order for events to run seamlessly