Cook With Amazing Chefs!

Our Chefs deliver a highly-engaged and interactive cooking experience. We are trained experts who like to have fun on the job!

Silver Whisk guests are smart, food savvy and eager to learn. Nowadays, everyone is busy. Time is our most precious commodity. That’s why our cooking classes aim to take your culinary skills to a higher lever and make memories in the process. Our goal is to help empower and engage guests to tackle any recipe their hearts desire. Our team is fully invested in developing the chef within you.

The Art of French Macarons

April 26, 2019 | 6:30-8:30pm

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sample classes:


Cooking Classes start at $89/pp. Price per person generally ranges between $89-$150/pp depending on the following criteria:

  • Genre - Indian, Italian, French, American Regional, etc

  • Courses -Number of courses vary

  • Ingredients - Food costs (ex. shrimp vs. lobster)

  • Guest Count - staff and time required to pre, cook, serve and break down

Above pricing is based on 10+ guests. Groups smaller than 10 guests start at $125 and up.

-Because of the level of detail and time needed to customize each event, it is possible that the per person price could exceed $150/pp depending on our client’s desires.

Classes are generally 2 hours long depending on group size. All in-home or off-site classes are subject to a $250+ set up, service and clean-up fee.

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