This format is a favorite amongst our guests

It’s highly interactive, competitive and professionally guided throughout the entire class.

This option features a chef-prepared seasonal soup, salad or appetizer for all guests upon arrival. Next groups will be divided into 2 teams. (Occasionally a few guests prefer to observe and/or judge the competition and they are free to do so. However, the per person fee would still apply because Silver Whisk still provides staff, seating and food for all guests.)

Next, Silver Whisk will ask guests to partake in a game we like to call “food jeopardy” where groups can win the chef they wish to cook with at the event. Or if a team prefers that we assign a chef to each team, we’re happy to do so. When the cooking begins, each team will be responsible for developing 2 dishes with their team chef; an entrée and dessert.

Participants will have to plate one “beauty” plate for each dish. At the end, teams will be judged on their teamwork, timing, creativity, presentation and taste of their dishes. All participants  will be able to eat what both teams have prepared. Meals will be served family style, unless otherwise requested.

Everyone will be congratulated, but there will be one clear winning team announced at the end. Our guests are welcomed to bring their own prizes or may order custom trophies from Silver Whisk. We also offer our own chef merchandise or a gift card for Silver Whisk’s chef services.


A standard 20% gratuity will be applied based off the rate per person. 

Venue/Set Up Fee

Varies on area of town, size of group, day and time are factors in pricing.

Rush Fee

This fee will be applied if any event is book with less than a 14 day notice. This fee is to ensure all food, items, staffing and miscellaneous charges are covered in order for events to run seamlessly.